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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Live report: Architect Of Pain / Mangled / Пустош / Оскрнавитељ / Вожд 1804, Garaža, Belgrade, Serbia, December 3rd, 2021

As my friend said last night when I asked him: “Hey man, how is it going?” “Hey… Well… Working”. And so was I. It was a pleasant evening in one of the worst concert places in Belgrade. One short run from reality happened last night in the time of ecological revolution here in Serbia.

After half an hour of trying to find that concert place on the edge of the world I expected that magic is already happening but the organizers had a good idea. They didn’t set a specific time for the gig to start, so that everyone would hear every single band of the night. And they didn’t make a mistake. A lot of beer, young beautiful boys and girls that craved good music and hangouts. Bands Architect Of Pain, Вожд 1804 (Lord), Оскрнавитељ (Desecrator), Пустош (Wasteland) and Mangled. Talented musicians from Novi Sad, Belgrade and Inđija shared the stage.

My heart was totally taken by the band Оскрнавитељ. Lady Ivana Savić, as their lead singer, blew my mind! A static performance for a black metal band but with such energy in every single tone that was played. The most beautiful thing of all, it was their first performance ever! I don’t remember that I have heard a band this good in recent times. Thank the Gods for this!

As I said, revolution is on these days so the band Вожд 1804 reminded us of that by their songs. I think they have the shortest songs in the history of music. I smiled for a few times because one lasted just about 30 seconds. They lift the adrenaline up in the crowd and the song is finished. Funny, I must admit.

After the adrenaline bomb Пустош entered the stage and brought goth dark atmosphere. They presented their first album “Сутон” (twilight), so they showed us their musical abilities. For a young band they sound complete and totally good.

Boys from Novi Sad, Architect Of Pain, opened the festival and for the first band they sounded good, their energy and desire for live concerts was felt in the crowd so they warmed up the audience.

Closing was kind of interesting with Mangled and their singer who lifts from the dead with his voice. The crowd went crazy when Пустош was still on, but Mangled made a battle in the crowd. Moshing, first line of the audience was madly in good mood. No one could stop them. Such a beautiful picture to see.

So, my conclusion after five young bands is that older metal kings should let the younger ones bring refreshment to the scene. My wish to everyone is just to keep going forward because they know they can!

Photo credit: Doroteja Spasojević