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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

100 Dogmas reborn in new single “Ritual”

The Brazilian groove metal band 100 Dogmas has recently released a new single in lyric video entitled “Ritual”, with production, mixing, mastering and instrumental parts by the Brazilian musician living in Texas/USA, The Gee J. Both, the lyric video and the cover of “Ritual” were designed by AI Fantasy Art from Finland.

Check out “Ritual” below.

“Ritual” narrates a dive into self-knowledge guided by a higher voice during a journey of the character called 100 Dogmas in a ritual of inner knowledge and his experience in this journey. There, he has the possibility to relive “the beginnings of humanity”, when there was no distinction between religion and science, only human feelings.

The instrumental parts were all made in the private studio of producer The Gee J, who brought various particular influences such as, for example, the notoriousdDjent to the already traditional groove metal of 100 Dogmas. Check out The Gee J’s work on his Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/thegeej).

“It was a great experience working with The Gee, because we had been wanting to do something together for a long time. This opportunity came now, since 100 Dogmas is in a moment of reformulation to move forward. After this good repercussion on “Ritual”, we will release two more tracks following this same Groove Metal sonority with Djent that surprised me a lot after it was finished”,

commented Raphael Jorge (vocal).

“I’ve known Rafhael’s music for longer than I’ve known him (laughs). Firstly was with his previous band, Hopeless Army, then in 100 Dogmas, and since that time I already noticed his talent and would like to do something with him. We always talked a lot on Instagram, enjoying each other’s style, until we decided to work together. “Ritual” was created respecting the already established sound identity of 100 Dogmas, rising towards a more groove metal and modern vibe, reminiscent of something from Meshuggah, for example, with truncated tempos, bass lines with diminutes a la Mudvayne, chords and constant presence of bass turns, “fat and tribalistic” drums in a mixture of Iggor Cavalera (ex-Sepultura) with the late Vinnie Paul (Pantera), all with Raphael’s aggressive voice that brightened everything. “Ritual” was the natural result of our influences, excitement to create music and mainly our great friendship, which even from a distance has been very present and working with him at 100 Dogmas was (and has been) one of the most rewarding experiences of my career as a producer. Our creativity flew high!”,

commented The Gee J.

Soon, 100 Dogmas will release two more singles in partnership with The Gee J and these singles will define the band’s new steps in a more comprehensive, exciting and heavy sound.