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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A-Z releases a new video for the song “Run Away”

A-Z gave fans the chance to submit content for inclusion in the 6th music video released by the band off their self-titled debut album!

“One of the great things about music is it can be interpreted differently by each listener,” Zonder said. “With the release of the video for Run Away I wanted to give our great fans an opportunity to share what that song means to them. The video for Run Away is driven by fan-generated pictures and video, and the result is a fun, fresh take on the song from their perspective.”

A-Z is currently at work on the band’s second album with a cast of world-class musicians that will be revealed in the coming months. Fans can expect the new material to be heavier in nature and will feature two guitarists while maintaining space for great vocals and choruses. In touring news, A-Z plans on hitting the road following the release of the second album.

“Several of the new songs have been shared with a group of respected friends and musicians,” Zonder said. “Their consensus is this is next-level music that even surprised them with how well the songs blend the heaviness and prog of the 1970s with today.”