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Aaron Holt shares lyric video “Set Free Your Sorrow”

Releasing the first single “Set Free Your Sorrow” this past December from the upcoming 2021 album “In The Palace”, Aaron Holt is sharing with prog fans the lyric video for the track, which can be viewed and heard below.

“Set Free Your Sorrow” is the first song on the forthcoming album and a fantastic stage set for what is to follow. Like many people going through an incredibly rough time in 2020, this song was written as motivation to “loosen the ties, set free your sorrow”.

The soundtrack to these lyrics portrays the dark and heavyweight that many people carry around on themselves. With so many things going wrong, there has to be some sort of direction we can all look towards to ensure a happy ending. The rest of the album features lyrical ideas around this and follows through letting go of the agony we all have trapped inside. The band really explored creating darker sounds out of their instruments, graduating to more full time 7 string guitar parts, large recording spaces, and soaring vocals mixed nicely on top.

Holt comments on the album:

“I think anyone who has heard my work before will be pleasantly surprised at the results we’ve managed to create in the more non-ideal recording locations. I strived to focus more on writing towards a mindset around “no one cares about the snare on a song that no one wants to listen to”. We really just tried to flip the production phase more from sounds and tones to the actual material that’s being performed on the instruments and as a whole in the group. I was constantly chasing that catchy riff, melody, or rhythm.”

Natural, authentic and heavy, “In The Palace” will be the third from Aaron Holt, following “My Burdened Mind” (2018) and “The Unknown” (2017). Aaron Holt is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Tremonti, and Trivium.