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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Abigail’s Affair sign with Wormholedeath and announce the debut album

El Paso(Texas) metal discovery Abigail’s Affair signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the release of their debut album “Shattered”, due for release on February 19th, 2021 worldwide.

The band stated:

“We feel very happy about being included on the Wormholedeath family, we are ready to give our 100% and put our music out with them, we feel sure about this. Signing with Wormholedeath is one of the best things we’ve done this year, we trust them and we’re sure they do too, so we’re ready for what’s next.”

About “Shattered”:

“In this album, we have touched some topics that are truly personal to us, each and every song describes the way we feel about life and how our experiences affect us in a personal way, this is the album that we want to put us where we want to be.”