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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Abyssian announces new album “Godly” via Revalve Records

On February 26th, doom metal band Abyssian will release their new studio album “Godly” via Revalve Records.

Comprised of eight tracks, “Godly” is state-of-the-art doom metal played with decadent passion.

1. Seven
2. Fall Apart
3. Soul Colonnades
4. Nigra Lux
5. Milsterak
6. As the Sun
7. Godly
8. Second Sunrise


“Godly” was born with the idea of​​narrating that sort of cult that has its roots in the epic of earthly creation, but from divinities belonging to an apocryphal cosmogony, and those coming from the hypothetical Planet X (Nibiru) during a precise moment of its passage close to our orbit. Passage that he then left, the sprouts of his DNA on our planet. While in the previous album Nibiruan Chronicles the songs were mostly descriptive of these phases, in Godly the themes are more intimate and spiritual, also hybridized to the Christian cult, which later spread. The resulting aesthetic is in fact that of the Angel / Reptile, as can be seen from the cover.

The songs are composed of a decidedly massive and “traditional” sound in the Metal and Doom sound, even if inside them almost two natures coexist; one in fact powerful and incisive, the other more reflective, decadent and also forwarded into territories that touch tribal, electronic or symphonic music. The melodies flow slowly and full-bodied.