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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Aeveris has released a new single called “White Elephant”

“White Elephant” is the title track of the highly anticipated debut album of the Belgian metal band Aeveris. The album will contain 10 soaring songs, including two of their first three successful singles “Shapeless” and “Segregating the Wicked”.

A “White Elephant” is a metaphorical possession. A gift that you are unable to dispose of. In this case, a deep rooted fear. A growing madness. Something that you carry with you every day. Our album comes with a message to embrace that fear. Embrace that madness, and turn it into something beautiful before it turns you into something ugly.

The videoclip was filmed and edited by Jens De Vos (Sabaton, Arch Enemy, Jinjer, Electric Callboy, Epica,…) and features Marieke Bressleers (Lords Of Acid & Praga Khan).