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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Alitor and guests announce the show on Saturday

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, Dom omladine Beograda will be a host to three Serbian metal bands.

Progressive thrash metal band from Indjija with the support of Reckoning and Geger will perform in Dom omladine after four long years. At this place, the band basically started their career. 

Alitor has recently returned from a German tour. The band will present the opus from their previous albums “Eternal Depression” and “II”, as well from the EPs “Embittered“ and “Spoznaja“, the first release in Serbian language. During their career, Alitor performed all over Europe and on Serbian festivals Exit and Arsenal Fest.

Reckoning is a relatively new band formed by experienced Serbian musicians well known to the local hard core sceen. Besides them, as support band will perform Geger, the band that attracted attention with their energy and creativity. 

Ticket price is 500 RSD and can be bought at Dom omladine as well as at: https://tickets.efinity.rs/CardType/EventInfo?cardTypeId=30600