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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Alphoenix released video from upcoming album

A new album from a Japan’s melodic death metal band Alphoenix that has evolved to a new level of awesomeness. The dramatic sound that combines lyricism and aggression with sensational twin guitars, clean vocal, and growls has reached the realm of isolation.

Reinvigorating the global death metal scene is no small task, but Alphoenix is up to the task. The Tokyo-based band is no stranger to the scene, and all of the members are seasoned musicians who have a genuine passion for melodic death metal as a genre. Together vocalist Thor, guitarist and vocalist Shimpei (Solar Guitars endorsement), bassist Bitoku (Ibanez endorsement), guitarist Yuki, and drummer Shohei have all played roles in some of Japan’s defining metal bands such as Myproof, Sailing Before The Wind, Serenity In Murder, and more. The five come together to bring a new re-fusion of melodic death metal and metalcore that pays homage to the key structural features while being bold and brash with the more experimental elements. Energetic instrumentals and crisp drum thrashing mixed in with their melodic compositions gives Alphoenix a sound that capitalizes on their strengths.

The album features heavy riffs, dramatic parts, aggressive screams, refrain guitar melodies, impressive guitar solos, and other melodic death metal elements that have been updated to touch the heartstrings of the metal heads.

Sound engineering was by Jonas Kjellgren (ex-Carnal Forge, ex-Scar Symmetry), a talented Swedish engineer who has mixed and mastered for Amorphis, Dark Funeral, Hypocrisy and Sabaton. Cover artwork was done by Biljee Design.

Date of release is scheduled for September 21st, 2022 and will be released in a digital version and on CD via the Spiritual Beast label, and distributed by Universal Music Japan.

1. The Great Divide
2. Return of the Savior
3. Dream Eater
4. Hell’s Lord
5. Aegis
6. BlaQ Road
7. Eye of the Phoenix
8. Diamond Dust
9. Woven Wind
10. Silver Lining
11. The Evil Way
12. Refusion