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Ambassadors of Eternity releases new single and music video

Finnish atmospheric alternative rock band Ambassadors Of Eternity is currently working on their debut full length album to be released in 2024. Now they release new single and music video “Dark Asylum”.

It is a melancholic and atmospheric rock piece. Spiced up with a progressive epic twist and big chorus. A story about solitary drifting soul. Music video is created by “Unreal director” Sami Heinonen.

The band was established in 2020 by Toni Laroma (Ex-Ajattara, Ex-Ancara, Northern Discipline, IGIGI), Sammy Salminen (Ex-Ancara) and Seppo Nummela (Dead Shape Figure, Denigrate, Ten For None) from the decision to finally make music together. The guys had already known each other and now felt like the right moment to do something different.. Samuli Kiviniemi (Haven) was the only choice for the drums. AoE released their first EP “Arrival” in 2022 and played their debut gig with Spiritraiser at On the Rocks club in Helsinki. Because of the covid-19, the band did not tour, but worked with new songs. New album will be out in 2024.

Ambassadors of Eternity are:
Seppo Nummela / guitar & keyboards
Sammy Salminen / vocals
Toni Laroma / bass
Samuli Kiviniemi / drums

Photographer: Anu Tuoriniemi