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Friday, September 22, 2023

Ancestral Blood joins Wormholedeath

Black metal band Ancestral Blood is excited to announce that they have joined forces with Wormholedeath and will release their debut album “Forgotten Myths and Legends – Chapter 1” on July 21st, 2023, on all digital platforms.

“Forgotten Myths and Legends” is a musical journey that explores lost stories and legends from different cultures and eras. Each song is fascinating, epical, and well-crafted to take each listener back through an old world of magic, kings, and dark mystical times. The songs consist of furious yet mesmerizing guitars, celestial and melancholy atmospheres, and harsh vocals while drumming to the call of battle.

Ancestral Blood’s music is described as atmospheric battle metal with celestial vibrance. The band cites influences from 90s underground black metal and old releases by bands such as Ishtar, Isvind, Arthemesia, Vordven, Trollheims Grott, Ringnevond, Summoning, and Windir.

Ancestral Blood was founded in the mid-late 90s by Charles Lucia, better known as Verigo of the black metal band Vesterian. After several line-up changes and hiatuses, the band was reborn in 2016 with drummer Void and vocalist Circe. The band recorded their first full-length “Forgotten Myths and Legends – Chapter 1” in 2021 and released their first single “Through the Enchanted Forest of Illusions” in 2022. In January 2023 the band signed with the Italian label Wormholedeath. The band is now working on videos while preparing to record “Forgotten Myths and Legends – Chapter 2”.

Ancestral Blood has performed live with Vesterian, Darkmoon Warrior, Thornspawn, Empty, Sekhmet, and more.