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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Ancient Thrones unleash guitar playthrough “The Soul To Flesh”

Canada’s Ancient Thrones unleashed their new album “The Veil” on November 6th, which is a concept release that is a 57-minute descent into the afterlife. The full length is Ancient Thrones’ intent to tell a compelling story of grief that people can relate to through a dark and progressive package droning with cosmic anguish where nothing is as it appears both musically and lyrically.

Ancient Thrones explains:

“The record is a concept record so it’s meant to be listened to in its entirety to get the full experience of the story. Even the songs were written and laid out in a way that they seamlessly transition into each other. Almost as if it was just one long piece of music broken up into separate parts as tracks. We want people to headbang and mosh, but we also want to bring people on a journey through this world of purgatory and grief and understand each phase of grief the record represents through the 10 tracks.”

In support of “The Veil”, the band is sharing a shredding guitar playthrough for the single “The Soul To Flesh”, which is the fourth track on the album and tells about the character entering the third stage of grief. This song kicks you in the teeth pretty well out of the gate and ups the frantic pace of the album to a new level.