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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anderwelt releases new video for “Pax”

After releasing the new full-length 2084 via Electric Fire Records, the Austrian Dark Ambient Metal band Anderwelt is proud to give to the masses the new video for the track “Pax”. You can watch it below.

2084 is available as digital download, digipak CD, 12″ black and coloured vinyl on the Anderwelt Bandcamp page (https://anderwelt.bandcamp.com/).



1. #plenty (12:05)
2. #true (7:53)
3. #luv (6:52)
4. #pax (13:11)



Praises about 2084:

“Anderwelt doesn’t want you simply banging your heads. They need you to start banging on the artificial walls surrounding us all like sheep. They are screaming in your ears. “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear!”

Abaddon Magazine

“2084 is the Post Orwellian setting from 1984. Musically wonderfully captured between ambient and death metal. A classical cello as a complete full band instrument makes the music of Anderwelt different and unique. The Austrians shouldn’t hide behind the Alps and immerse themselves in the world on this side of the Alps!”

Time for Metal

“An astonishing 40 minutes that will take you on an emotional journey where real and virtual merge to become one.”

Trike’s Trax

2084 has been recorded by Jan Kaiser at Independent Audio Management. Mixing by Andreas Pilsl and mastering by Lukas Haidinger at Deep Deep Pressure Studio. The artwork is by Andreas Pilsl. All lyrics by Phil Wintersberger.