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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Angra reveal album details

Brazilian progressive power metal legends Angra recently signed a deal with German-based record label Atomic Fire Records. While playing a string of shows in their home country, the group have also kept preparing the release of their upcoming studio album “Cycles Of Pain” which is due ot on November 3rd, 2023, and today, Angra are pleased to announce that the record is already available for pre-order in various formats (https://angra.afr.link/cyclesofpainPR; see below!) before they’ll present first digital single, “Ride Into The Storm”, to the world next week, on Friday, August 4th. 

Guitarist Rafael Bittencourt states:

“This is a very special record for us for several reasons: First, much has happened since our last release in 2018. During the last 5 years, we experienced a lot of pain (personally and collectively) alongside challenges, frustrations, glories and successes, on a rollercoaster of emotions that became a giant cauldron of subjects and inspirations. In the year 2019, my father passed away and a few months later also Andre Matos died what had a big impact on my life. I know the struggles of my bandmates too.

This is a dense album of experiences and accumulated pain. Although we are in a great moment, the album draws inspiration from all pains experienced to bring reflections on them from different angles: What hurts us, how it arrives, the cure, the trauma, the scars. We avoid and we are faced with pain constantly from birth, in an endless cycle; we want it to be far away, but it is what molds and matures us during life. And in the midst of such a profound topic, we want to bring hope and strength to people who are suffering right now. I believe this album will make a difference in the lives of many people and will set a new standard within our style.”

Bassist Felipe Andreoli adds:

“Cycles Of Pain brings different perspectives on human pain and the cycles that involve it. It reminds us that while pain is inevitable, it is also an integral part of growing and learning. By recognizing and facing these cycles, we can discover our inner strength and find a path to healing and transformation. The album leads us to contemplate our own journey of pain and to embrace the hope that despite the seemingly endless cycles, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is an invitation to reflect on the complexities of human pain, addressing topics such as loss, disillusionment, loneliness and despair, but also bringing a message of resilience and hope.”

“Cycles Of Pain” was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by long-time Angra partner Dennis Ward at the Sonastério & Elephant Office in Brazil, while mixing and mastering took place at The TrakShak in Karlsdorf, Germany. Its artwork was designed by Erick Pasqua (https://erickpas.com/) before Jonathan Canuto (https://canutoartwork.myportfolio.com/) took care of layout duties.

“The combination of elements – an angel of death with bright, worn wings adorned with religious and pagan symbols, a dark forest with fire and rain, the prevalence of Brazilian elements – conveys a deeper narrative regarding the album’s theme and musical interpretation. It conveys the idea that pain is a recurring and transformative experience, encompassing spiritual and earthly aspects and encouraging us to delve into the depths of our own pain, explore its many dimensions and find strength and healing in the journey of these cycles,”

explains Andreoli.

The album also features a range of guests including appearances by Amanda Somerville (‘Tears Of Blood’), Brazilian artists Lenine (“Vida Seca”) and Vanessa Moreno (“Tide Of Changes – Part II” & “Here In The Now”), and last but not least Juliana D’Agostini on piano (“Tears Of Blood”).

“Cycles Of Pain” will be available in the following formats:

– CD-digipak
– jewelcase-CD
– various vinyls (red/yellow split-coloured | clear/blue marbled | clear yellow/white splatter)
– digital

1. Cyclus Doloris
2. Ride Into The Storm
3. Dead Man On Display
4. Tide Of Changes – Part I
5. Tide Of Changes – Part II
6. Vida Seca
7. Gods Of The World
8. Cycles Of Pain
9. Faithless Sanctuary
10. Here In The Now
11. Generation Warriors
12. Tears Of Blood

The group’s metal leadership began over 30 years ago in 1991. Hailing since then as one of the finest metal acts originating from South America, the last decade saw the addition of vocalist Fabio Lione to their ranks. With Rafael Bittencourt and Marcelo Barbosa on guitars, Felipe Andreoli on bass and Bruno Valverde on drums, Angra have been keeping the momentum and now they are ready to release their long-awaited 10th studio album through their new label partner Atomic Fire Records.

Angra live:

12.08.2023 BR Curitiba – Ópera De Arame
28.10.2023 BR São José dos Campos – Festival Hora do Rock @ Arena Vale Fest *NEW*
03.11.2023 BR São Paulo – Tokio Marine Hall (Album Release Show)
18.11.2023 BR Joinville – Armageddon Metal Fest
15.12.2023 BR Rio de Janeiro – Circo Voador *NEW*
29.01. – 02.02.2024 US Miami, FL – 70,000 Tons of Metal

Angra are:
Fabio Lione | vocals
Rafael Bittencourt | guitars
Marcelo Barbosa | guitars
Felipe Andreoli | bass
Bruno Valverde | drums