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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Anvil new album “Impact Is Imminent” is out now on AFM Records

Anvil’s new album “Impact Is Imminent” is out now on AFM Records, full UK tour dates announced.

Anvil UK 2022 Tour Dates:
1st Oct, Bannermans, Edinburgh
2nd Oct, Trillians, Newcastle
3rd Oct, The Parish, Huddersfield
4th Oct, The Live Rooms, Chester
6th Oct, Asylum, Birmingham
7th Oct, The Key Club, Leeds
8th Oct, Voodoo, Belfast
9th Oct, Grans Social, Dublin
11th Oct, The Crew/Queens Hall, Nuneaton
12th Oct, The Waterfront Studio, Norwich
13th Oct, O2 Islington, London
14th Oct, Red Lion, Machynlleth, Wales
15th Oct, Sin City, Swansea
16th Oct, The Cobblestones, Bridgewater
18th Oct, The 1865, Southampton
19th Oct, The Anvil, Bournemouth

There are more than a dozen good reasons for Anvil to be especially proud of their latest offering. Singer/guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow on the fourteen songs on the group’s new album – their nineteenth to date – explaining: 

“None of our previous albums blends music and lyrics into as tight a unit as “Impact Is Imminent”. Everything comes together homogeneously. As a result, the new material sounds monolithic, right down to the very last details, both in terms of rhythm and harmonies. In the past, our studio sessions were sometimes like a little like jumping in at the deep end, with us having to improvise a lot and making decisions at short notice. Working on ‘Impact Is Imminent’, not only was there plenty of time for the songwriting process in the run-up to the recordings, but I also had the leisure to put all my ideas to the acid test and work on them until they were perfect.”

Naturally, this ideal creative situation was partly due to the pandemic: Like most of their music industry colleagues, Anvil found themselves cut off from the rest of world for months on end. Concerts had to be cancelled at short notice, tours postponed indefinitely. So Kudlow was stuck in his home studio, with his guitar and vocal mic as usual, but he had all the time in the world to work on ‘Impact Is Imminent’ at his leisure – although this in itself cannot explain how this fast-paced, vibrant and imaginative album came about. There must have been other reasons, which Kudlow, for one, doesn`t even seem to be aware of:

“Obviously, every word on ‘Impact Is Imminent’ is in the right place, the lyrics suit the music perfectly. It must have been one of those magic moments.”

The fourteen songs of ‘Impact Is Imminent’ feature plenty of highlights and special features: “Ghost Shadow” is a typically awesome Anvil number in full pedal-to-the-metal mode, featuring extraordinary harmonies and a strange, dark ghost train atmosphere. “Bad Side Of Town”, “Fire Rain” and “Lockdown” sound just as haunting, the band adding to their outstanding strengths a breath of fresh air, an aggressive attitude and persistent drive. “Wizard`s Wand” and its magical flair have special significance, as Kudlow explains:

“Originally the number was called ‘Give Me The Goods’ and went “Give me good music, give me the goods”. But somehow I wasn’t happy with that. I closed my eyes, concentrated on the music and listened to my subconscious. Suddenly the line “The wizard’s wand with just a wave, the wizard’s wand all of us to save” came to my mind. Out of nowhere, the whole message was there: What would I actually do if I was a wizard? I’d change the world for the better! Once I’d found the theme, ‘Wizard`s Wand’ was finished in ten minutes flat.”

On the other hand, Kudlow doesn`t want to give too much away about the two breath-taking instrumentals “Teabag” and “Gomez”, which could easily make music history. As the Anvil front man says:

“In this constellation, these numbers are an absolute novelty. At least I haven’t heard anything like them.”

Like its three predecessors “Anvil Is Anvil” (2016), “Pounding The Pavement” (2018) and “Legal At Last” (2019), “Impact Is Imminent” was produced by Martin “Mattes” Pfeiffer (U.D.O., among others) and Jörg Uken at Uken’s Soundlodge studios, so the successful combination consisting of Anvil/Pfeiffer/Uken has struck again.