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Friday, January 28, 2022

Apnea releases EP “Salt Water”

With a proposal to present a sound influenced by the music of the 70’s and 90’s, mixing grunge, heavy metal and stoner rock, the band Apnea released the recently EP “Salt Water”. The album is available on all digital platforms through Monstro Discos and in physical format through Peculio Discos, Mauricio Boka’s label.

The band brings together musicians already known within the Brazilian underground scene, such as Mauricio Boka, drummer of Ratos de Porão, the most famous Brazilian crossover and hardcore band in the world, Marcus Vinicius ex-Bayside Kings, band known for touring in Latin America, Nando Zambelli, formerly of Garage Fuzz, one of the most influential bands in the Brazilian underground, was already from Roadrunner Records, with albums released all over the world, and Gabriel Imakawa from The Jerseys.

Despite having renowned musicians, Apnea appears exploring sounds never experienced by any of the group’s members, making this “novelty” the fuel to face a new universe of music with joy and honesty.