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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Aqvilea debuts “New World Era” single

The Italian symphonic metal outfit, Aqvilea, has unveiled the second single, “New World Era”, from their forthcoming sophomore album. Representing a fresh direction for the band, the single prominently features the vocals of Finnish soprano, Kate Nord, their latest addition.

Issued via Saturnia Records, the band’s independent label, “New World Era” received its mixing, mastering, and production at the renowned Fredman Studio in Göthenburg. Behind the board was the Swedish melodic metal trailblazer, Fredrik Nordström, known for his work with At the Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and more. Starting October 20, 2023, the song will be accessible on all digital platforms, with a high-quality download option.

Pier Lando Baldinelli, the band’s founder, shares:

“The recent studio sessions were deeply gratifying. Our latest tracks further explore the cinematic and emotional nuances that make Aqvilea unique, particularly highlighting the symphonic and choral elements.”

Diving into the single’s theme, “New World Era” picks up where “Beyond the Elysian Fields” left off. Where the debut album reveled in foundational tales, this new work chronicles pivotal moments of the Roman city of Aquileia during its shift from Res Publica to Empire. Baldinelli adds that this “new era” also symbolizes Aqvilea’s evolution and the arrival of fresh faces alongside him.

Describing “New World Era,” Baldinelli expresses:

“The song is a passage through time, blending grand cinematic flair with modern symphonic metal. We hope listeners will feel transported to ancient Aquileia, basking in its historical aura.”

The accompanying music video showcases a digital reimagination of Aquileia’s iconic landmarks. Directed by Simone Vrech and crafted by Gorizia’s Base 2 Video Factory studio, the video exemplifies the synergy between history and music. Vrech, known for his work with Aqvilea and other regional favorites like Rhapsody of Fire, partnered with artistic director Stella Marega to bring this vision to life.

Aqvilea’s line-up:

Kate Nord – vocals
Pier Lando Baldinelli – vocals, keyboards, bass
Franz Lugnan – guitars
Federico Turolla Turatti – drums