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Friday, January 28, 2022

Aria bassist and main songwriter releases first solo single

“Russian Dream” is the first ever solo single by Vitaly Dubinin. Since 1987, Dubinin has frequently been releasing music as the bassist, backing vocalist and main songwriter of Russia’s most successful heavy metal band Aria. The single shows Dubinin pursuing a somewhat different direction than with his main band, but the song is still firmly rooted within heavy music. The single will be followed by Dubinin’s debut solo album in the Spring of 2022.

Dubinin explains:

“In the long time that I have been writing music, I have written a number of songs that did not fit for Aria. I had been wanting to record them for a long time, so they would not go to waste, but somehow I could not start doing it. When in the Spring of 2020, a worldwide lockdown was announced, I realized that there would be no other such occasion and decided to start working on my solo album.”

On “Russian Dream”, Dubinin is accompanied by Grand Courage guitarist Mikhail Bugaev, a key figure in the Russian heavy metal scene who also stood in for a couple of Aria concerts in 2014, as well as drummer Zakk Hemma. The guitar solo was performed by Sergey Mavrin, who played lead guitar on Aria’s classic albums from the late eighties and early nineties and has since gone on to forge a successful solo career. Dubinin himself recorded the bass and proves himself a powerful singer.

“Russian Dream” is available on all streaming services from November 26th.