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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Arkona unveil second single “Mor”

Today, pagan metal unit Arkona unveils their ominous second single, “Mor”, taken from their upcoming ninth studio album, Kob’, out June 16th, 2023 via Napalm Records! After five years of silence, the band presents their darkest creation to date. Based on current events of our time, each problem of mankind is indicated in the album in the order of its inevitable emergence.

Forming the epic hymn, “Mor” (ENG: plague), merges the energy of raw black metal and the spirituality of pagan metal. Injecting both darkness and hopelessness into her vocal delivery, the impressive vocal range of mastermind Masha “Scream” is underlined by soothing acoustic guitar elements, unsettling wind instruments and relentless drums. Followed by a spiritual animated video, Arkona delves deep into the realities of epidemics, diseases and the main plague of our time: the human existence.

Arkona on “Mor”:

“This track, “Mor”, represents the fourth step of the immersion of all of mankind into the abyss. This song is about epidemics, diseases, and multiple deaths that have been haunting mankind through centuries, but subsequently, man himself artificially created the main plague of our time, which has become his next step on the road to hell.

The indescribable gloomy images in the video, which were created by the skilled hands of Cybermind Abyss using neural network technology, will help the listener immerse themselves most deeply in the dark atmosphere of the track, by drawing their terrible pictures through the absorbing abyss of our time, thereby predicting the approach of the inevitable apocalypse.”

Photo Credit: Edaliana Rennenkampf