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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Armageddon launches “Master of Peace”

One of the longest lasting Serbian symphonic power metal band, Armageddon, has a new record.

The album, fourth in their career, is titled “Master of Peace”. It is released via Tmina Records and SoulPeddler on July 7th, 2020 on a beautifully designed limited 12″ vinyl.

“Master of Peace” is comprised of 6 tracks, including a superb rendition of one of the most famous poems of Edgar Allan Poe, “Annabel Lee”.

Cover artwork for the album is a piece of Csaba Nemeth’s mind, a long time Armageddon’s collaborator.

Armageddon was founded way back in 1987, in Novi Sad, Serbia. Along the course of many years and through a lot of line-up changes, the one constant in the band was always Mr. Đorđe Letić. Being the mastermind of the band, many of his ideas came into fruition. One of them being the actual live appearance of Armageddon as a full-blown metal orchestra, including no less than five vocalists to enhance the sonic enchantment. Whatever he could not fit into Armageddon, he placed into a couple of his side-projects.

With “Master of Peace” Armageddon strikes anew, doing what they do best. Over half an hour of their recognizable symphonic and progressive power metal, including a selection of finely tuned guests adding layer upon layer to Armageddon’s soundscape.