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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Armageddon will release “Master Of Peace” CD on Halloween

On October 31st, Armageddon announces a new release. This time it’s the CD “Master Of Peace”. Last year, 6 songs were published on vinyl, for the Soul Peddler from Germany. As many fans requested, Tmina Records now publishes 1000 CDs, an extended edition of this album. In addition to the already familiar songs from the record, 4 bonus tracks have been added, so the CD has 10 tracks and lasts about an hour.

Bonus songs are “Sky Painter”, “Druid” and “Spirit Of Annabel Lee”. The music and lyrics were written by Đorđe Letić, and the vocal soloist was the famous Novi Sad singer Zoran Šandorov. “Sky Painter” was recorded in two versions. The first was sung by Zoran Šandorov, and as a special guest in the second version, Dejana Betsa Garčević, singer of Claymorean from Lazarevac, appears. The next bonus track is “Druid”, was also recorded in two versions. It is only published on the CD.  The “harder” version of this song, while the “softer” one was presented on You Tube, as a lyric video. The composition “Spirit Of Annabel Lee” is an acoustic and narrative introduction to the song “Annabel Lee”, written by the E. A. Poe poem (1809-1849). Together, they form a compact whole lasting 11 minutes and represent the most complex accomplishment on this album. According to many, this is the “most symphonic” composition in the whole opus of Armageddon. By the way, this is Poe’s third poem, for which Đorđe Letić has written the music. Back in 2012, the anthem march “Eldorado” was recorded, and then came the fast and dark “City in the Sea”.

Other participants include Miloš Krsmanović, lead vocalist in three songs (“Kill the Leader ”, “Just One bullet” and “Vampire Queen”). Zoran Šandorov sang: “Demon Hunter”, “Freedom Call”, “Annabel Lee”, “Druid” and “Sky Painter”. As choral vocals, participated: Vesna Varagić – soprano, Vanda Marijanski – mezzo-soprano, Marko Skendžić – tenor, Željko Andrić – bass baritone and Vladimir Zorijan – bass. The special screaming vocals in the song “Demon Hunter” were sung by Miodrag Fodora. Among the guest guitarists were Saša Friš (Pero Deformero, BES), Vladimir Garčević (Claymorean) and Raša Miljić (Thundersteel).

Permanent musicians of Armageddon are still: Đorđe Letić – guitar, keyboards, backing track vocals, Milan Malivuk – guitar, Nebojsa Bjeletic “Ćebe” – bass guitar, Dejan Ćetković “Đubre” – drums. Predrag gave support “from the shadow” and useful study advice regarding drums Drobnjak “Boldi” and Mića Ilin (which appears in the new video “Druid – heavy version”).

Bonus material was recorded in the music studio “Alfa” from Novi Sad during 2021, withVladimir Perović, as an executive producer.

As always, Chaba Nemet was in charge of the artwork. 

In the promotional video “Druid – heavy version”, Skinny Zlaja, the mascot of Armageddon, a life-size skeleton in the garment of Death, appears. Skinny Zlaja is for the first time introduced in the video “Demons Advice” back in 1993, and also appeared at a live performance on Exit Festival 2015.