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Friday, January 28, 2022

As The Palaces Burn releases a new music video “All The Evil”

With a balance between aggressive sound, melodies and instrumental variety, the heavy metal band As The Palaces Burn continues to promote the EP “All the Evil”, released in late 2020. With an independent project, the band launches the video for track “All the Evil”.

Vocalist Alyson Garcia says:

“We believe that this new video work, presents the essence of the group. And that comes to promote the dissemination of our music to all corners. The entire psychic transition addressed by music is further enhanced by this video clip. The moment when we humans reached the limit and became something we could never even imagine.”

The video clip was produced by Magma Filmes, commanded by Danilo Anastácio and co-produced by the band.

Alyson explains:

“We did a pre-production research evaluating possible locations for the filming. Places that could “incorporate” the lyrical essence of this music in the best possible way. In the final editions, director Doc Lee put all his talent, became practically the fifth temporary member of the band, absorbed the whole context doing a memorable job.”