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Friday, September 22, 2023

Baited unleash a two-step anthem “Blackout”

Baited, the hardcore punk quartet hailing from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada is ready to ignite the scene with their second single “Blackout”. This comes from their second EP “Cutting Teeth”, which is a small dose of the energy they have been cooking up since forming in 2022.

The writing process for “Blackout” began with a driving riff that demanded attention, paving the way for the powerhouse rhythm section of drums and bass. Baited then meticulously added pauses and nuances to each song, injecting it with a unique character. Lead vocalist Chris Gallant took charge, delivering his unmistakable vocals that demand to be heard, drawing inspiration from the folk-punk realm and the captivating performances of Laura Jane Grace from Against Me. The band shares their thoughts on the song:

“This song is meant for the 2-step. With punchy and fizzy guitar and bass tones. This song just doesn’t quit. We decided to release Blackout as the next single to continue with the theme of Molotov. It is quickly becoming a band and audience favourite. This song wants you to get that 2 steps going.”

When it comes to influences, Baited draws inspiration from a diverse range of punk and rock acts. Andy Adams’s drumming, reminiscent of the iconic Pantera and Rise Against, adds a fierce and rhythmic foundation to the band’s sonic assault. Liam Farrell’s guitar work channels the raw energy of Baptist from B.C. and the infectious hooks of Billy Talent, while Tyler Turner’s bass influences, rooted in bands like Gillian Carter and Frail Body, provide an added layer of intensity.

Get your fists ready and prepare to give it all in the mosh pit with this explosive second track from Baited. It’s bold and unforgiving and recommended for fans of Cancer Bat, Dayglo Abortions, and Trap Them.

Photo credit – Wyatt Gallant