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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Bala release final single “Mi Orden”

Bala’s Century Media debut is getting closer. On March 14th, 2021, their most versatile and sophisticated album to date, “Maleza”, will see the light!

After the already critically acclaimed singles “Agitar”, “Hoy No” and “X”, Bala now delivers another killer song called “Mi Orden”, which will get critics and fans in the right mood for the new album.

The video for “Mi Orden” was animated by Josep Caballero (RSV Visual Studio) and underlines the powerful message of the song.

The band comments as follows:

“’Mi Orden’ is a journey from darkness to light. We get used to that twilight situation until something happens and everything blows up. Our order ceases to receive chaos. The great change that at first scares us, but later we are so grateful for it. Without knowing it, this change brings us the light that we needed so much. This journey also becomes something literal through the video, which transports us hypnotically from a dark tunnel to the color of the blooming flowers.”