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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Barathrum “Devilry” and demos issued on CD format for the first time ever

Barathrum “Devilry” and demos issued on CD format for the first time ever.

To be released in February 2022, with other reissues on the vinyl format to follow later.

Heidens Hart Records is proud to announce the first-ever CD editions of much-requested old material from Finnish legends Barathrum:

Barathrum – “Demo(no)s” 2CD
A compendium of all the material Barathrum recorded before their debut album “Hailstorm”, all in one release and now for the first time on CD format. Total skullcrushing jetblack warmetal. Contains 35 minutes of additional material not on the 3LP, for a total of two hours of pure demonic possession.

For the first and only time ever released on CD format. Finnish black metal legends Barathrum released their demo “Devilry” in 1997. It includes four tracks that later would be re-recorded for the “Legions of Perkele” album with a much cleaner sound. This perfect raw demo edition is over 20 minutes of pure possessed black/doom and the perfect follow-up to “Eerie”. Some of these recordings are over 30 years old and none of them have been released on CD format ever. Heidens Hart is working together closely with the band and are using original audio and graphics, dug from the bands’ and labels’ own private archives.

Both titles are scheduled for release on 18 February 2022, with vinyl (re)issues of “Hailstorm” and “Eerie” scheduled for April.