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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Barrel Smoke release “High Octane”

A desert like scene in the evening. The sun sets, an Eagle screams in the distance while you’re cruisin’ at full speed, all alone on that dusty desert road. Fueled up high on alcohol and other mysterious substances you push that roaring V8 engine to the limit. It’s pedal to the metal!

In the twilight, amidst a desert’s vast expanse, the sun descends. As the eagle’s distant cry echoes, you race down the dusty, desolate road, entirely alone. Energized by a potent mix of alcohol and enigmatic substances, you propel the thunderous V8 engine to its edge, with pedal pressed firmly to the floor.

A surge of adrenaline courses through your veins as the sun’s rays meet your shaded glasses, and you casually uncork yet another bottle of whiskey while steering. You’re akin to a lit fuse, ready to ignite like dynamite! Speeding swiftly, fueled by a High Octane fire.

Prepare to be swept away by an unrelenting torrent of unapologetic Rock ‘n Roll, capable of even making the most rebellious souls blush. This is the epitome of the unfiltered essence of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll – a musical powerhouse that is shamelessly raucous, free from artifice, and fearlessly confrontational.

Crafted by a collective of gifted artists hailing from acclaimed bands Speed Queen, The Insumers, and The Mental Scientists, this amalgamation yields an explosive fusion of sonic dynamism. With its unbridled intensity, it ensnares audiences in a mesmerizing grip.

Beware and be forewarned, for this electrifying juggernaut is coming your way. Better secure your daughters and your liquor cabinets! It leaves no space for restraint, surging into your auditory senses with a primal vigor that demands your unwavering attention. Brace yourself for an indelible encounter that will reverberate through your very core.

Barrel Smoke is:

Ricky Smeets – vocals
Tom Neeskens – guitar
Ibe Schutters – guitar
Rob Vanwiddingen – bass
Dante Alders – drums