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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Belphegor re-release their first two albums

Next January, an ancient demon will crawl straight outta hell to gain fresh life in new shapes… But: That infernal creature won’t come alone but will be accompanied by its bat-winged twin with a soul as black as the depths from which it emerged.

Or, to make it a little more obvious: Austria’s Death Metal highpriests Belphegor will release their first two albums, “The Last Supper” (1995) and “Blutsabbath” (1997), next year on Vinyl and together as 2CD. The records will be out on January 14th.

Helmuth states:

“While we are finishing up a last couple of dates of the “The Black Rituals“ tour, we’re proud to announce that we will unleash our earliest offerings upon the masses again! Both albums have been remastered by Andy Classen and will be available in a variety of versions featuring uncensored artwork. Enjoy the first chapters of Belphegor’s diabolical death metal signature sound!“

Better be quick and keep your eyes and ears open since Belphegor already have new aces up their sleeves waiting to surprise and mesmerize their listeners in the next weeks…