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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Beriedir hits the next single “Stormbound” ft. Ivan Giannini (Vision Divine)

Rockshots Records will be releasing Beriedir’s second full-length “AQVA” on January 21, 2022. The album features ten tracks of progressive, power, and melodic death metal that were mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studio).

“AQVA”, despite not being a real concept album with a story articulating itself throughout the tracks, touches its various topics through the many forms in which water manifests, be it a river, a storm or tears. The album deals with rather introspective matters, trying to give a new perspective on situations that Biriedir thinks their listeners will find relatable and hoping that they will maybe take shelter in their audio experience, using them as their own voice when only music can speak for us.

Band founder Stefano Nüsperli adds:

“We think AQVA will positively surprise our older fans and lead new ones, this record is much more diverse and has definitely matured in songwriting. The main goal of AQVA as a whole is to figuratively “submerge” the listener with a spectrum of themes, both musical and lyrical, related to water and its shapes. Water is the element of flow, it’s the substance that conceals, preserves, and washes all away. The lulling nature of a silent shore or a rapping rain is juxtaposed to the fearsome imagery of the undertow, riptides, and tidal waves. We tried to convey these atavistic sensations differently from track to track. The singles were chosen to showcase the variety of approaches to this theme.” 

In preview to the full-length, Beriedir is sharing their second single “Stormbound” ft. Ivan Giannini (Vision Divine). Undoubtedly the most epic-oriented track of the album, its lyrics are based around the legend of the Sarneghera, a local story of Lake Iseo about the origin of the tremendous storm carrying that name. As the story goes, a noble lady is saved from drowning by an angler and the two fall in love, but her father, not allowing their relationship, gets the angler thrown in the lake. The daughter jumps in the water after him, and it’s said that the storm is caused by the souls of the two lovers searching for each other at the bottom of the lake.