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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Beyond Salvation announced the new single “Aftermath”

UK thrash metal power trio Beyond Salvation is proud to announce the new single “Aftermath”.

Beyond Salvation is a metal band from Manchester UK with thrash at the heart. There are also strong influences of groove and death metal to be found mixed within the skull-crushing riffs. Added to this a hardcore inspired vocal delivers a fresh take on the genre is found with Beyond Salvation. Breaking away from current trends all material is performed in standard tuning letting the songwriting brings the heaviness standing out from the crowd by not relying on drop tuning.

The new single “Aftermath” deals with our inner demons, with the psychological blocks that prevent us from having a fully happy life, with a sense of individual responsibility that, especially in these times, turns out to be crucial but absent.

Vocalist and guitarist Jon Pedley stated:

“Aftermath is a song about suffering, reflection, and liberation. Taking a hard look at oneself to realize that something is holding you back from who you truly should be. Making the stand to break away from this hold to then relish in the accomplishment and the demise of past demons. Over time I’ve found the lyrics to relate to different aspects of life… Personal rivalries, inner conflicts, or a reflection on the struggle we as a society are now going through. I suppose as always with music the final interpretation is up to the listener.”

Aftermath has been produced by Beyond Salvation. Drums recorded and engineered by Chris Taylor at NoiseBoy Studios, while the vocals have been recorded and engineered by Owen Alec Ashworth at Silver Lining Studios. Mixed by John Pedley. Mastered by Lee Anthony Calpee. Artwork by John Pedley (Pedley Art).