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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Black Dreams from Finland released new song about vengeance

The Masters of Melancholy Black Dreams have returned from two year hiatus with a new single “Running Blood”. Running Blood is a story of a person who gets enough of the evilness of the mankind and decides to abandon his God. Now he fate is in his own hands.

Black Dreams was founded in Rauma, Finland in 2015. The band got the nickname The Masters of Melancholy by the British music media. That describes the band’s music and essence well. They perform gloomy and desperate music – Northern gothic metal.

Black Dreams current line-up is Juha Kraapo (vocals), Jari Rantanen (drums) and Sami Räikkönen (guitar).

Band took a break in 2020 when covid canceled the gigs. The hiatus stretched a little longer than planned.

Black Dreams is a Finnish heavy rock act that has gathered airplay for it’s music around the world on undergound radio stations for example in Australia, UK and USA. They collaborated again with producer Mikko Herranen (Misterer, Misery Inc., Rust, Velcra, Lullacry..) who recorded and mixed the release.