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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Black Pestilence to tour Europe with Bloated Pig

Second half of September 2022, anno domini, belongs to Canada’s premium black metal punks!

As the past couple of years saw the band (and many others) unsuccessfully looking for a way back into touring business, Black Pestilence finally makes it back to Europe!

What was supposed to be a series of live shows to promote the latest full length record, “Hail the Flesh”, released just when the shit hit the fan in 2020, now turns into a quick fix of ongoing Canadian onslaught getting the fans ready for what’s about to come soon.

Black Pestilence will be fifteen years old next year. Behind them, six full length records and a couple of shorter materials, all serving the purpose of letting the fans know how it feels when Venom, Impaled Nazarene, Discharge, Exploited and Motorhead all jump out on one stage.

Coupled with highly energetic live shows, Black Pestilence give no quarter, which European audiences will testify this September.

Bloated Pig are no newcomers either.

Though less active than their touring partners, they’ve been at it since 2006, pushing out three albums (the last one almost a decade old) and a couple of EP’s.

Performing what can be construed as a combination of traditional hard rock / heavy metal rolled up in a messy pile of sandstorm leftovers, machine oil and roadkill, Bloated Pig are sure to move about your intestines.

The tour shall be led by seasoned guys from Rock Tour Agency, who still have a couple more dates to book (as you can see on the poster above). If you’re interested in welcoming this duo in your local venue, and you should be very interested, contact information is right there.