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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Blood Thirsty Demons, the one-man band of Cristian Mustaine, is back

Three years after the previous “… In Death We Trust”, and to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of its foundation, Blood Thirsty Demons, the one-man band of Cristian Mustaine, is back.

The new album “Esoteric”, scheduled for release on October 31, 2022 in co-production between C.M. Releases and The Triad Records, is a concept focused on everything that for Cristian has represented esotericism up to now: “It is a album richer in atmospheres, in which I report what my journey through the world of esotericism has been up to now, my spiritual growth and my different way of approaching the world around me;  many experiments have also led to a more elaborate composition both in the lyrics and in the instrumental parts;  three years of hard work and attention to detail that have differentiated this record from the previous ones, marking a further step forward”.

Preceded by the single “Steven”, a personal reinterpretation of Alice Cooper’s classic, and by the title track, “Esoteric”, it adds new elements to the band’s style thanks to the keyboards in the smell of hard-prog and a much more mature, technical sound. but above all wrapped in a more esoteric aura, as the title of the concept suggests. 

“Esoteric” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Cristian Mustaine at his personal studio between 2019 and 2022. Music, lyrics, cover, graphics and photos by Cristian Mustaine.

Blood Thirsty Demons were born in the province of Varese in 1997, founded by Cristian Mustaine.  Through the first line-up changes they churn out two demos, “Solve Et Coagula” (2000) and “Sabbath” (2001), which in 2002 will be collected in a single 12 ” vinyl by the Danish label Horror Records, definitively launching the bands even outside the Italian borders.  Once stability was found within the line-up, Cristian Mustaine (vocals and guitar), Jack The Ripper (bass) and Karl Skyquake (drums), after a 7 ” released by the German Metal Coven Records, in 2004 they released the first full length “In The Grave” and subsequently two albums for My Graveyard Production: “Let The War Begin” (2005) and “Mortal Remains” ( 2007).  From here the line-up problems start again, the removal of the drummer and the release in 2009 for the Danish Black Funeral Promotion of the record “Occultum Lapidem”, which directs the band towards a slightly more thrash metal sound. In the same year, the bassist also leaves the band and Cristian Mustaine decides to make a change, continuing his project as a one man band, taking care of all the instruments himself.  From here will be produced: “Misanthropy” (2010) for My Kingdom Music, extremely thrash album, a real outlet for Cristian for the situation he was experiencing. In 2014 “Reborn”, for the Scottish Fall Of Eden Records, which brought the project back to darker sounds.  In 2016 “Voices From The Dark” for the German Barbarian Wrath, on the same sounds as the previous album.  In 2019 “… In Death We Trust” co-produced with The Triad Records, which marks a leap forward in quality, dark sounds and maturity of the project, which will lead in 2022 to this new work, always co-produced with The Triad Records entitled “Esoteric”.