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Monday, October 18, 2021

Bloodfeast Ritual shares playthrough video “Eternally Molested By The One Most Foul”

Los Angeles death shred Bloodfeast Ritual unleashed their debut EP “Altars of Sacrifice” this past July. It’s a five-track introduction ranging from technical death metal to melodic shred, with lyrical content that shares the trio’s love for 80’s horror movies (The Evil Dead, Dawn of The Dead), video games (Bloodborne), HP Lovecraft, and general blasphemy.

The band states:

“This EP is a love letter to Death Metal. Old School, Modern, Technical and Brutal; we love all of the aspects of death metal as a genre, and we wanted to show that with this EP. We tried to display our influences by dramatically changing the vibe of each song.” 

Heavy, fast, and brutal, the band is sharing their guitar playthrough video for “Eternally Molested By The One Most Foul”, where fans can witness guitarists Michael Bala and Hunter Gurney showcase the rippage with four excitable solos.

The band adds:

“This song was something Mike wrote at 4 in the morning because he couldn’t sleep until it was out of his head and on paper. We love the melody and song structure, and think it’s one of the most unique songs on the EP.”