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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Bloodphemy unveil the new single “Convoluted Reality”

Dutch death metal band Bloodphemy will release their fifth studio album “Dawn of Malevolence” on November 17th 2023 via Non Serviam Records.

Today the band unveils the second single “Convoluted Reality”. The opening track of the concept album is about “A young, adult boy is living in an Asylum without any memory of his past or how he got here. The staff is cruel and sadistic. The whole place is a living hell.”

Drawing influence from Florida, Sweden and their heritage, these Dutchmen distinguish themselves with aggressive death metal mixing modern and classic styles with heavy atmosphere. Prepare yourself for cavernous deep roaring vocals, heavy slow crawling dirges and up-tempo psychotic slaughtering that will keep you banging your head. Telling dark, psychotic tales in both their lyrics and through their live shows. Steamrolling, rumbling and very dark death metal!

“Dawn of Malevolence” is a concept album as the band explains:

“A dark and twisted story of a young boy whose only memory is of the horrible Asylum he grew up in; among the insane, the violent and a sadistic staff. Through years of suffering and torture he finally is able to feign normalcy and is eventually released into a world he doesn’t know or understand.

This threatening world triggers flashbacks of  angerand violence from his earliest youth as he finally grasps a glimpse of the past that always seemed just out of reach.

Overwhelmed by these experiences he spirals down further into madness, killing people around him and ending up in the same horrible place where we was locked all that time. This time, armed with a new found lust for blood he swears to kill everyone there who has wronged him and set out on a journey of revenge”.

“Dawn of Malevolence” will be available as cassette, digipak CD, limited green vinyl and digital.