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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Boisterous punk pirates Paddy And The Rats reveal the third single

With their eyes set on the release of their new studio album, “From Wasteland To Wonderland”, on April 29, Hungarian Celtic-style punk outfit Paddy And The Rats let their third single sail out to sea and deliver yet another preview with the smashing party-hymn, “Party Like A Pirate”. The massive album highlight heats things up by delivering deep and hysterical backing vocals, catchy polka and pipe elements. It’s impossible to sit still, so just crack a beer and swing along!

Paddy And The Rats on “Party Like A Pirate”:

“We shot the video in Tenerife in famous places like the Volcano Teide and the classic pirate village in Maska. The story starts on a pirate ship where a bunch of pirates have a party and bully a witch who curses the pirates to wake up in the present. They try to understand the modern world which leads to very funny situations. The song is a typical Paddy And The Rats party song – causing the urge to dance in everyone who listens to the catchy melody.”