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Brimstone Gate released debut album

Brimstone Gate is a German black/death metal band which was formed in 2020 at the beginning of Coronavirus pandemic. It was planned as a studio only project. The first ideas turned into songs and after two years of creative work, the songs finally turned out into a whole album. The main idea was to both pay tribute to the 90’s death & and black metal from Norway, Sweden and England as well as to add some modern influences. Seven individual songs came from this mixture. In regards to musical influences, there was no real limit after all.

Music was recorded by leader of the band – Michael Gruen. Michael “Obelxxx” Elsner was responsible for mix & mastering of the album. Cover artwork was done by Michael Gruen under license from iStock.

Their debut album titled “Return from the Brimstone Portal” was released digitally, on tape and CD at 4th February 2023 by ADG Records and it’s available for purchase via mailorder and in good distribution webstores.

1. Beyond the Gate (Intro)
2. Return from the Brimstone Portal
3. Voices of the Dead
4. Emperor of the Painful Realm
5. Path to Your Liberation
6. The Void Darkened
7. Death Arises in the Wind
8. Lost Nightsun


Robin Vieler (Niflhel) – bass
Daniel Müller (Goat of Mendes, ex-Niflhel) – drums
Carsten Nachtigall (Niflhel) – guitars
Michael Gruen (Niflhel, ex-Deathstruction) – guitars
Dominik Zillmann (Niflhel) – vocal