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Sunday, September 24, 2023

bunsenburner release new track “Witchcraft”

Freiburg-based stoner metal band bunsenburner has released a new track taken from its first full-length, “poise”, set to be released on December 9th via bensnburner records. The song is called “Witchcraft” – a sonic wave of groovy rhythms, dark keys effect, and hypnotic sounds!

Inspired by One Day As A Lion, the track already introduces the band’s refined and slightly darker facets, through pummeling rhythms topped with wavering melodies pushing the mood to more swarthy territories. The hypnotizing tone is pervasive, and the song grows only harsher towards its end, keeping you on the edge of your seat for its duration.

The album “poise” is the result of three days of recording in a full band setting without prior arrangements or later overdubs at huji maja Studios. Even as an experimental album, “poise” still succeeds at surprising listeners with the combination of stoner doom, jazz, and ambient elements.

“poise” was recorded by Ben Krahl at huji maja Studios, Freiburg (Germany). Mixed by Ben Krahl, mastered by Ben Krahl and Konrad Dycke. The artwork was designed by Circlecirclemath (Josh Herrington).

1. Permeare 
2. Lights of Jupiter 
3. Witchcraft 
4. Mouches Volantes 
5. Cast Off
6. Siriasis 
7. Wallow in Dread 
8. 720 
9. Spiegelkabinett 
10. Ascent of Sap 
11. You Could Be Happy Here 
12. Meanwhile (Bonus Track)