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Monday, March 27, 2023

bunsenburner shows ambient side with song “Mouches Volantes”

Freiburg-based stoner metal band bunsenburner has revealed a new track from its first full-length, “poise”, set to be released on December 9th via bensnburner records. The song is called “Mouches Volantes” – one of the five ambient tracks included in the album!

The concept for “Mouches Volantes” was to have Bene Albert and the records as the leaders, guiding other musicians throuh high and low dynamics. Some performed single note drones, altering the sound with an e-bow and wah pedal, while Krahl played bass with an upright bass bow. The record Bene used here was Tom Ehrlich’s Sunstar. Norman came up with a beat highly inspired by Bohren und der Club of Gore to guide the way. The title translates to “Eye Floaters”, the little specks you see when closing your eyes.

These ambient songs are called “Flächen”, which could be translated as “field” or “carpet”. In these pieces, each musician is motivated to explore different sounds stemming from their respective setups, while being pushed to restrain themselves in a sense; to stay “cool” and not to overdo it, all the while creating different emotions through sound with a more experimental and cineast approach than on the heavy tracks.

The album “poise” is the result of three days of recording in a full band setting without prior arrangements or later overdubs at huji maja Studios. Even as an experimental album, “poise” still succeeds at surprising listeners with the combination of stoner doom, jazz, and ambient elements.

“poise” was recorded by Ben Krahl at huji maja Studios, Freiburg (Germany). Mixed by Ben Krahl, mastered by Ben Krahl and Konrad Dycke. The artwork was designed by Circlecirclemath (Josh Herrington).