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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cadaveric Crematorium release video “Plan Ten From the Outer Space”

The lyric video of “Plan Ten From the Outer Space”, the new single by Cadaveric Crematorium, is available below. The song is now streaming on Spotify and all digital platforms via Punishment 18 Records.

The song marks the return of the Italian brutal death/grindcore combo and serves as a preview of the new album, due out sometime next year. 4 minutes of pure brutality which is based on the well-established trademark of the band: psychotic guitar riffs and a devastating rhythmic section take the listener into a world dominated by zombies, aliens and other radioactive follies born from the mind of Necrom, Willy and the rest of the crew.

The recording sessions took place at the Npas4 Studio in Brescia, under the guidance of Alessio “Ciulaz” Fassoli, former guitarist of the band.