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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Caliban announce “Zeitgeister” on May 14th, 2021

It took German metalcore vets, Caliban recording a cover of Rammstein’s “Sonne” to realize that their native tongue was a seamless fit with their time-tempered collision of punishing riffs and Andreas Dörner’s urgent vocals. With fans hungry for the Essen-borne quintet to record an album exclusively in German, the band simply said: “Why not?” and “Zeitgeister” was born.

11 genre-defining LP’s deep into their career, the band’s vision for the album came naturally, a career retrospective and deep-dive into Caliban favorites that haven’t had a live airing in some time.

Guitarist and main songwriter Marc Görtz explains:

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but once we allowed us to make them as different from the originals as we felt it was needed it came fairly naturally.”

Of course, some updating was necessary when it came to translating the songs to German.

Dörner says: 

“It turned out to be surprisingly tricky. While I feel more at home with my native German it made it a lot more complicated, as I had more options to phrase something.”

Formed in 1997, Caliban’s legacy has been a tireless one, touring the globe and sharing stages with the likes of Kreator, Killswitch Engage and Dark Tranquillity just to mention a few “Zeitgeister” was a welcome homecoming. With the help of long-running producer Benjamin Richter (Moonspell, Emil Bulls and more) Caliban hand-picked seven tracks to bring new life to:

1. Trauma (feat. Matthi from Nasty, originally “Arena Of Concealment”)
2. Herz (originally “I Will Never Let You Down”)
3. Ausbruch nach Innen (originally “Tyranny Of Small Misery”)
4. Feuer, zieh’ mit mir (originally “Between The Worlds”)
5. Nichts ist für immer (originally “All I Gave”)
6. Intoleranz (originally “Intolerance”)
7. Mein Inferno (originally “My Little Secret”)
8. Zeitgeister
9. nICHts