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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Call The Fraud release new video “Question marks”

It all started 2019 when Patrik Svedlund joined a band called Claypit for a shorter period. Claypit’s vocalist Roger Jansson, received a few songs, that Patrik needed some help with to complete. Not until 2021, as Claypit was set in a resting mode, it was decided to give it a try.

Roger liked the songs and wroted some lyric, and they recorded the vocals in Patrikìs apartment. First out was the single ”Falling Down”. It sounded so good that they decided to take it further. Roger Jansson came up with the name Call The Fraud as he’s been playing some texas hold ém.

Everything is recorded in Patriks apartment and still is ,except for the vocals, as neighbourìs started to complain.

They decided to take the long hard road and release all material, without a record company. The advantage of remaining the control, without having to compromise with a label direction. On the other side, it ìs hard to get the music spreaded, CTF still prefer that, anyway.

”We will always make the kind of music we like, and that can be just any kind of song, as long we believe it’s a good song”. ”We’ìre just doing music we like, it doesn ìt have to be HM”, that ìs CTF guidelines.

The flood of compositions has never run dry, in fact it runs stronger than ever before. When a song is done ,it ìs released, instead of making a full album. In 2022,CTFreached the point when they decided to wrap together a second album ”What ìs Next”.

As a celebration of one year together, Call The Fraud produced a video for the song ”Question marks”, that you can watch it here.