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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Canada’s Falamh presented their new single

Canada’s Falamh are an intriguing blend of black metal and death metal, heavily dosed with melody, catchy riffs, and unrelenting heavy vocals. Their newest EP “Aeons Effigy” is coming out this year and the second single is “Blackened Waves”.

The single takes the listener into the dark turbulence of the ocean, where the drums and bass batter the eardrums like a storm against a frantic ship. It’s an immersive ride showing the well-developed musicianship of each of the extensively experienced members.

Kyle Tayler (guitars, vocals) explains the track:

“”Blackened Waves” tells the story of a near-death experience of someone being lost in a storm at sea and drowning, only to ascend alive with a newfound purpose. It’s a bit more mid-tempo with some highs and lows to keep it dynamic.”

Guitarist/vocalist Kyle Tayler formulates the basis of the song, which are then worked on by David Strba (guitars, backing vocals) and Kye Bell (bass) in their final form. Usually, there is an idea of where the song will go when the initial structure is derived, but lyrics almost always follow the music. They usually incorporate personal experiences under the guise of various forms of mysticisms. Sometimes they also tell a kind of story or journey.

“Aeons Effigy” takes shape from many influences and is recommended for fans of Enslaved, Taake, and Kampfar.