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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Canada’s The Design Abstract flirts with the future with new album “Technotheism”

Out on January 29, 2021, “Technotheism” is the second full-length album from the band who also have two EPs in their catalogue. For those already familiar with their music, the creative blend of industrial and orchestra continue in “Technotheism”, albeit being even more technical and expansive than the previous releases. The band maintains that this will be the flagship album for them.

The two singles from the album “The Apotheosis” and “The Return” have already been released and are now streaming.

The singles are respectively the second oldest and second newest tracks on the album, and the bulk of the album lands somewhere in the middle in terms of writing and sound. “The Apotheosis” is two minutes packed full of everything The Design Abstract is capable of, and “The Return” is a more open and whimsical track revisiting some of the elements that made the earlier releases work. The band remarks on the singles:

“They were carefully chosen to show the scope of the album at large. “The Apotheosis” was written with the explicit purpose of showing off everything the band could do in one two minute whirlwind. The synth in this track is something very unique and indicative of the character of the band, and the structure is a fresh take on the genre. “The Return” is a triumphant song, littered with innovative, instrument layering and crunchy synth sounds. We really wanted to turn the contrast up so to speak: the guitar work is noticeably more death metal, but the vocals and orchestral passages are more soaring than ever. The outro features a notably unique synth solo, followed by the anthemic chorus.”

The Design Abstract crosses all the lines of the musical spectrum, darting from harsh industrial, soaring orchestral, melodic death complete with guttural screams contrasted with crystal clean singing finished off with a generous serving of synth. Each element is worked into the songs in a unique and comprehensive way.