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Friday, September 17, 2021

Catalysis reveals new video for “A New Way To Die”

The thrash/groove metal highlanders Catalysis are proud to announce the deal with The Metallist PR for the worldwide promotion of their new EP entitled “Relicta”, to be released on September 17th!

“Relicta” is a new 6-tracks EP which showcases the band’s sound better than ever before. The two main things that Catalysis strive for are the unrelenting aggression and stomping groove, but this isn’t all that the Catalysis sound is about. With matured songwriting, the band have also delved further into its melodic elements with more memorable vocal melodies and more refined guitar solos that highlight the bands melodic development. This new EP has once again been mixed by Mendel bij de Leij (ex-Aborted), who already mixed and mastered the previous releases “Catalysis” (2018) and the band’s debut full-length “Connection Lost” (2020).

1. A New Way To Die
2. Don’t Look Down
3. Forgiven Not Forgotten
4. Laid To Waste
5. The Point Of No Return
6. Exit Loop (Before Expression is False)