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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Cedars release emotional acoustic live take video for “Give Up The Ghost”

Last month, Texas’ electronic rockers Cedars released their official video for “Give Up The Ghost”, and now they are presenting their emotional acoustic live take for the song.

Cedars’ frontlady Sandeigh on the video:

“We wanted to take this song apart in a way that allowed the emotions to settle more. It’s like the anger driving the original version takes a back seat here. To me, it feels a lot like the sorrow of the song is at the helm in this slowed down, live take.”

Enjoy the live take of “Give Up The Ghost” here: 

Also watch the official video for “Give Up The Ghost”: 

Earlier Sandeigh revealed on “Give Up The Ghost”:

“Give Up The Ghost take a deep look into the parts of ourselves that struggle to let go. When does the past start to control the future?
For this video, we wanted to create an aesthetic that felt really closed in and chaotic. Something that sort of gave the feeling of being trapped, with lots of jagged movement and oversaturated lights. “

Cedars are currently filling up their show calendar, check out below their next performances in April and May!