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Friday, January 28, 2022

Cedars unleash new radio hit single “Circles”

Texas’ electronic rockers Cedars have just release their new radio hit single, entitled “Circles”, which is about rhythms!

Cedars’ frontlady Sandeigh on “Circles”:

“Circles is about rhythms. All of life – everything around – is filled with them. The tides, the moon, the weather, our breath, our blood, you, me.
There’s this incredible circular, life-death-life rhythm to everything.

I feel like we get talked out of listening to the wisdom these circles have to offer us. There’s so much knowledge in our bodies and in the natural world and when we tune into those places, they have a lot to say. Sometimes, in order to hear that, we have to be willing to let go of things we think matter, things we might not want to part with, to burn those things down to make room for new growth. That’s part of the life-death-life cycle -that’s part of the cyclical nature of life and growth. Even when it’s uncomfortable or we have to go against popular opinion or maybe the “way we’ve always done things.”

For me, the inner wisdom I hear is often one calling me to a wilder life. She’s asking me to wake up to my true nature and helps me see what needs to die in me to make room for more authenticity. Her voice is wise and daring. (And sometimes asking me to get WAY outside of my comfort zone. But I trust her.)

What circles are you being called to look at in your world? Inside and out…what needs to die and what needs to be tended?”