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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Celtic Hills reveal upcoming album details

Italian legendary speed/thrash metallers Celtic Hills have issued great news, revealing the title and the first guests on their upcoming new album. Furthermore the band’s frontman and singer, Jonathan Vanderbilt, has passed for the second stage of Sanremo New Talent. In addition, Japanese martial arts warrior Refuta “Iron Fist” Kamuy gets special energy by the band’s song “Metal Message” using it on his workouts videos.

Celtic Hills shared:

“Celtic Hills has not yet found a drummer to permanently join the line up, however, some news is there!
Decided on the title of the new record: “Övervinna en Förlust” and thus, also the concept for the lyrics.
Two guests were invited who happily said yes and these are: Germana Noage of NOAGE (already a guest on Mystai Keltoy) and Joe Dahlberg singer of the Swedish band, Terrasent.
Speaking about singers, our Jonathan Vanderbilt also has some good news: he passed the first selections of Sanremo New Talent and will perform in Rimini on September 25 for the next stage. In addition to this there is news from Japan, where in an interview with well-known Japanese wrestler Refuta “Iron Fist” Kamuy says that Celtic Hills’ songs give him the energy to win fights and he uses the song “Metal Message” for videos of his workouts that he shares with fans.”

Refuta stated on a recent interview:

“My favourite song of Celtic Hills is ‘Metal Message’! I love the lyric line “We want it higher!” I downloaded the whole “Huldufólk” album and listened to it repeatedly recently. It was amazing from the first song “The Secret Of The Grail”. It’s like the opening of a magnificent story! And every song is high energy and epic … Celtic Hills is amazing!”

Photo edit by Pino Magliani