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Monday, December 4, 2023

Celtic punks Paddy And The Rats reveal the official video

Following the announcement of their new album, “From Wasteland To Wonderland” (out April 29, 2022 via Napalm Records), and the release of an accompanying lyric video for first single, “After The Rain”, the band is following up with an official music video for the track, as promised. The clip embraces with nostalgia and offers a preview of the future, where the band members can be witnessed in 20 years. They’ve grown old but reunite once more to play together in the impressive landscape of their home country, Hungary.

“After The Rain” delves into one of the most difficult periods of the band’s history, as a heartfelt dedication to accordion player Bernie Bellamy (Bernát Babicsek). Bellamy sadly passed away at the start of 2022, just months before the upcoming release of From Wasteland To Wonderland, which they had worked hard on and looked forward to releasing together. The ballad celebrates Bellamy with a longing melody accented by violin elements, ensuring that he will sail forever in our hearts.