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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Chaosfear released Bob Marley’s classic

Secret Service Records, which has already become a reference in releasing high level tribute albuns to great names of rock/metal with only Brazilian bands of unquestionable quality, has recently released “The Best Noise Ever… The Brazilian Metal Tribute To 80s”, a metal tribute to great classics of rock, pop and new wave from the 80s, the golden decade for many.

Among the 31 bands present, the band from Sao Paulo, Chaosfear, appears with an unusual and challenging version for the timeless classic “Could You Be Loved”, originally recorded by Bob Marley, in a version that respects the original structure, but full of groove, heavy sound and following the Chaosfear standards. For being a band that doesn’t like to settle living in a comfort zone, the words “unusual” and “challenging” are part of Fernando Boccomino’s (vocals/guitar), Eduardo Boccomino (guitar), Marco Nunes (bass/producer) and Fabio Moyses (drums) DNA. Because of this, they have achieved a perfect mixing between Reggae, Pop, Rock and, of course, lot’s of metal!

“Reggae Metal! Only geniuses can pull this off and the guys in Chaosfear did it with their feet on their back. Pop, Reggae, Metal and Rock in a clockwork beat linked to a very accessible chorus. Until ‘page 12’, because right after that it starts to get really heavy, with screaming Death Metal vocals mixed with more intimidating parts that send shivers down the spine of the poor listeners. Their riffs seem to play with us in such a way that makes us press ‘repeat’ several times. Pure geniality”. Johnny Z. (Metal Na Lata Editor)

“The Best Noise Ever… The Brazilian Metal Tribute To 80s” is already available for sale only in the deluxe double physical CD version directly with the Secret Service Records label and will not be available on streaming platforms.

“I was very happy with our version, because I never imagined that one day I would record something by Bob Marley. We tried to respect the structure of the original song, leaving it with our identity and groove. This song was made for crazy dancing!”,

commented Fabio Moyses (drums).

“It is always a huge challenge to do some version for world music classics! And with this one in particular we tried to imprint our own style without altering the structure of this Reggae icon. The result exceeded our expectations. In my case, singing Bob Marley’s vocal lines was very challenging, because he had his own way to compose and sing his vocal lines, besides his timbre that was, is and will always be the ‘face of Reggae’ in my opinion. ChaosFear meets Bob Marley, can you imagine?”,

commented Fernando Boccomino (vocals/guitar).

“Challenging. This word defined the feeling that Chaosfear had when they received the mission to cover one of the great classics of Reggae, in the voice of the unbeatable Bob Marley. We did about 4 versions until we found the way to go, and I believe we managed to deliver a sound that is recognizable and still sound like Chaosfear! Once again we tried to incorporate different styles and instruments from our usual bases, to deliver a complete trip to the listener! And the result is this, a true symbiosis, more unusual impossible! We thank Luiz Rizzi from Secret Service Records for the opportunity!”,

commented Marco Nunes (bass/producer).

Chaosfear is currently composing and recording new material for an unreleased authorial release very soon, but to all those who know their trajectory know that when these four guys get together, the range of possibilities, influences and challenges within their art in Rock/Metal are endless!

Photo credit: Jean Santiago