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Cicadastone release new video for single “Out of Sight”

Cicadastone release new video for single “Out of Sight”, out now via Golden Robot Records.

Melbourne-based alternate hard rockers Cicadastone have today released their new single “Out of Sight” via Golden Robot Records. “Out of Sight” is the follow up to the recently release singles “Dying In Sunshine” and “Box Of Anger”. All three tracks are taken from their upcoming 2021 album “Cold Chamber”.

“Out of sight is a song about self-discovery and challenging yourself to know who you really are. To admit your faults and be ok with it. We are who we are even if we wanna be something else. Look within yourself and ask that question. Are you happy with who you are? You should be, but It’s easy to lose sight of a vision and hard to stay focused on your goal. We’re always cascading out of sight….’’